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glam ex crew, in ya grill. [entries|friends|calendar]
love me, robotx.

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[09 Aug 2005|01:22pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi Everyone.
Im new, and this is a new livejournal- so I need new friends ♥

this is me.
im nakole. 20. CT/Boston. Think Im too tough for my own good- but im really not.
into indie music way more than hardcore. im a piercer at the mall which can be a drag at times.
and this is the only picture i have of myself, except for myspace which im starting to think is more sluts than friends.
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stamped. [12 Aug 2004|02:41pm]

schools starting up and i dont have time for a lot of communities so im leaving some.
friend me.<3
and so its not text only...just one more heart to give awayCollapse )

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stamped [27 Jul 2004|04:15pm]


only americans eat the sauceCollapse )

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stamped [26 Jul 2004|09:45pm]


i havent updated in awhile so i decided to post some pictures. i got my hair cut. tell me what you think.

a room full of hardons and nowhere to sitCollapse )

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[05 Jun 2004|06:18am]

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i'm bored [05 May 2004|11:54pm]


name: Paul
age: 19
location: ky
favorite bands: they came burning, still remains, rifles at recess, nehemiah, into the moat, with dead hands rising, a stained glass romance, reviving jenavieve, bleak december, dead to fall. (dont really have 10 fave bands, so i just named some i like that came to mind.)
at least 5 favorite movies: the goonies, stand by me, x-men, the league of extraordinary gentlemen, soon to be van helsing(once again i dont have 5 all time faves, i mostly like fantasy hero like type shit)
why do you like to be pretty?: so i can keep up with my sexy gf.
show us a pretty faceCollapse )

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new [26 Apr 2004|07:45pm]


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[24 Apr 2004|04:04pm]


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new [08 Apr 2004|10:45am]


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new [20 Mar 2004|03:38pm]


i will be 18 in 14 days. :D
syracuse ny
.favorite bands.
the get up kids. the anniversary. simon and garfunkle. rusted root. robert randolph and the family band. many others.
.favorite movies.
i love countless horror movies.
.why do i like to be pretty?.
i am training to become a cosmetologist and i believe you can't make other people beautiful if you don't take care of yourself. i find my look plain and i'm trying to find another look with more glam or creativity.
i also want to be pretty for my boyfriend when he returns from boot camp after being apart for 6 months.

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here lies the application. [18 Mar 2004|05:56pm]

favorite bands: (limit 10, mk?)
at least 5 favorite movies:
why do you like to be pretty?:
show us a pretty face:

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show a little respect for your father. [18 Mar 2004|05:52pm]

WELL, i realized why this little puppy wasn't getting any access.
i had forgotten to put some info in. =P

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